Ryan Stewart


Previous to founding WEBRIS, Ryan was a digital marketing consultant helping clients like Accenture, Target & Best Buy grow online revenues. Ryan’s work is featured IncSEJ, Moz, Ahrefs, CMI and many more.

Cesar Cobo

Director of Operations

Cesar is an experienced SEO who manages day to day execution of campaigns. Prior to joining WEBRIS, Cesar owned a lead generation business with his own network of sites generating leads for local businesses.

Maria Andrea Silva

Marketing Specialist

Maria manages all of our client social media advertising campaigns. She’s an expert at building high various types of campaigns, from advanced funnels to brand awareness.

Evelyn Lopez

Marketing Specialist

Evelyn helps manage a variety of aspects in client facing campaigns. From organic search to influencer outreach, she makes sure strategies are being executed according to plan and on time.

Viviana Lucero

Marketing Specialist

Viviana makes sure everything we publish for clients in on brand and beautiful. She designs custom graphics for content, social media and landing pages for advertising campaigns.

Stephen Altrogge

Content Specialist

Stephen is responsible for managing our content creation program for clients. He oversees tasks like keyword / topical research, content calendar build out and creative for each post.

Yury Paddubski

Analytics Specialist

Yury is a jack of all trades – we use his technical skill set for Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console implementations and corrections.

Donna Morgese

Outreach Specialist

Donna manages outreach campaigns for link building, content promotion and online PR. Donna has a entrepreneurial background and runs an eCommerce store.

Pierre Angela

Link Prospecting Team Lead

Pierre finds relevant bloggers, reporters and influencers and records them into a database. She leads our team of prospecting specialists in the Philippines.

Dmitriy Shirokov

Front End (UX/UI) Design

Dmitriy is an incredibly talented designer who has designed a large majority of our own internal websites, including Laces Out. He works remotely over in Omsk, Russia. 

WEBRIS is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization services. In addition to handling search campaigns for clients, we have our own eCommerce stores, marketing software tools and in depth training courses.

R & D

We’re dedicated to staying 1 step ahead of the game, always. We dedicate a significant budget and personnel to creating and testing theories. This ensures our ability to always get explosive marketing results.


We believe in growth marketing. To achieve “growth”, there needs to be a perfectly defined process or framework dictating the exact execution. Everything we do is based on processes proven to deliver results.


We believe in people. Growth comes when your people poke the box and constantly look for a better way to do things. Our people are highly trained, autonomous and empowered to think aggressively.


We believe in marketing at scale. To achieve “scale”, you need knowledge, process and people. WEBRIS is built for growth marketing in any industry. We’re young, hungry and only getting started.