Google Analytics: Turning Events into Goals

There are certain actions on your website that Google Analytics’ Goals cannot tracked. Typically, these actions take place independently of a page load. A few examp

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List of Miami’s Best Business Networking Events

As a Miami business owner it’s important for me to network with the local community. While we specialize in Internet marketing services I see tremendous value in offlin

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Guide to Creating Effective Video Ad Copy

proof/case studiesVideo ads are the web’s best kept secret. They’re inexpensive, highly targeted and can drive a ton of user engagement. In addition, both Fac

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6 Strategies to Improve Your CrossFit Marketing Efforts

We all know how competitive CrossFit is as a sport – but as a business? It’s cutthroat. In 2005 there were 13 CrossFit affiliates – there are now over 7,000 (a 53,7

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Step by Step Guide to Get YouTube Video Transcripts

We do a ton of YouTube SEO for clients. A great way to add a ranking boost to videos is by adding the video transcript into the description section. Problem is, typing ou

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6 Steps to Create Your Web Analytics Measurement Plan

Quick survey: What’s the most important aspect of digital marketing? Search engine optimization Content Paid traffic (PPC, display, etc) Email Lead capture Trick qu

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How We Rank YouTube Videos in Google, Search & “Up Next” [SEO]

UPDATED: 01/07/2017 [EXPANDED INSIGHTS IN (VIDEO)] The WEBRIS YouTube Channel recently surpassed 1 million minutes of 100% organic video views. In addition to WEBRI

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How to Set up Google Analytics Filter for Internal Traffic

The first thing all new clients get is an Analytics audit. Before I get into KPIs, events and goals, I check their filters. The number one analytics issue I see is failu

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