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Steal Our High Converting SEO Proposal

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    Steal Our High Converting SEO Proposal

Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. This blog is one of the channels I use to demonstrate that. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate (bring it internet trolls). Click the icons below and fire away.

Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. This blog is one of the channels I use to demonstrate that. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate (bring it internet trolls). Click the icons below and fire away.

Steal Our High Converting SEO Proposal

NOTE: We have since changed our proposal to match the updated design of our brand. However, this tempalte is tested and works well! Please feel free to use it for your own business. 

Ever wonder what your competitors put in their SEO proposals?

I'm about to show you.

In this post, I'll cover:

  1. How to better qualify leads for higher close rates.
  2. Page by page the exact SEO proposal we use.
  3. A link to download the template - free, of course!

To get the proposal template please visit our Facebook Group: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROPOSAL.

The proposal is pinned to the top of the group - simply click and download.

Pre Qualifying Leads...

We don't send out a lot of proposals.

The one we use is 35+ pages long and customized based on the website we're building it for. It takes a lot of man hours to get one done.

For that reason, I qualify the shit out of the lead before creating a proposal.

I do that in a few ways:

1. A phone call discussion about business and SEO goals.

I insist on a phone call and won't send a proposal until we've spoken.

Every website owner has a different idea of "SEO" and what they'd like out of it.

I don't work with people looking to "rank" their website in a short period of time. I only work with businesses who see SEO as a long term investment in their brand.

This needs to be discussed before moving forward.

2. Using the phone call to also determine potential issues with working styles.

If we're going to be spending the coming years working together there needs to be a mesh between working styles.

When I say "working styles" I mean personality - I don't do business with people that are a pain in the ass.

You know what I'm talking about. Those clients that send you 25 emails a day asking you how to log into Google Analytics.

Early in my career I'd take on anyone who paid us - not anymore.

There's certain people that make you want to stab yourself in the temple - I pass those ones along to colleagues.

3. A firm understanding of our pricing minimums.

Our services are expensive. This needs to be understood before we spend 5 hours building a proposal.

Within the first 5 minutes of our call, I drop:

"Before we get any further I just wanted to let you know, our rates are expensive."

It's not rude! It saves both parties from wasting each others' time.

Breaking Down the Proposal

Our proposal is no joke. It's 35+ pages and in case you missed the first notice, it was too big to host on this page.

I've uploaded it to our Facebook Group. The proposal (PowerPoint doc) is pinned to the top. Find it here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROPOSAL.

Cover Page

What's Included & Why:

The proposal is built in PowerPoint, not Word. This gave us more flexibility to create a clean design.

I see a lot of proposals build as basic Word docs. They're boring - I'd fall asleep if I had to review one.

We believe good design converts and around here we practice what we preach.

Proposal Slide 1


Executive Summary

What's Included & Why:

  • Four bullet points addressing our beliefs, what makes us unique and why you should hire us.
  • The executive summary is the place to sell the shit out of yourself.

Proposal Page 2


Campaign Goals Summary

What's Included & Why:

  • A series of bulleted goals for the marketing campaign.
  • It shows the prospect you're driving towards something more than just "rankings".
  • The specific goals should vary based on the client and reflect the initial phone conversation you had.

Campaign Goals Page Campaign Goals Page 2

Campaign Deliverables Summary

What's Included & Why:

  • A list of what you will deliver to the client.
  • A huge issue SEO agencies have are retaining clients after they're ranked. Deliverables add value and keep clients paying longer.

Campaign Deliverables Slide Campaign Deliverables Part 2 Campaign Deliverables Part One

Analytics Summary

What's Included & Why:

  • A summary of the Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools and monthly reporting data we set up, optimize and provide.
  • Forget keyword tracking tools - they're a waste of money. Tracking goals, events and conversions in Analytics is far more powerful than sending screenshots of position changes that have no impact on your top line.
  • Track what matters.

Web Analytics Section Google Analytics Set Up Google WebMaster Tools Setup Monthly Reporting

Web Design (Optional)

What's Included & Why:

  • Information on why mobile design is important.
  • More information about our web design services.
  • 99% of websites we analyze are horribly built and need reworking. More importantly, web design is a huge opportunity for an upsell.

Custom Website Design Mobile Responsive Design Custom Web Design

Paid Search (Optional)

What's Included & Why:

  • Information about paid search and our specific approach/service.
  • While we pitch it as "optional" we push hard to convince them it's necessary. Upsell value aside, paid search drives results on day 1 - this provides value in the interim while the SEO is being worked.

Paid Search Intro Why Paid Search Custom Landing Page

Organic Search

What's Included & Why:

  • A summary of the ranking process and detailed look into each aspect of our organic search services.
  • Technical audit, keyword analysis + optimization, content marketing / consulting, social media marketing + engagements, local SEO, link building strategy + link sources
  • We charge a lot for SEO services so it's important to explain every piece of our service - the more we put on paper, the less we have to discuss over the phone.
  • 8 pages (slides) on link building with painful detail on exactly how we do it. YES, I tell them if we'll be buying links / using PBNs to help rank their site. I'd rather lose someone at this point than catch a lawsuit 4 months down the road.
  • Honesty + information is key!

Organic Search Cover Page Organic Search Page 1 Organic Search Page 2 Organic Search Page 3 Organic Search Page 4 Organic Search Page 5 Organic Search Page 6 Organic Search Page 7  Organic Search Page 8  Organic Search Page 11 Organic Search Page 13 Organic Search Page 12 Organic Search Page 10 Organic Search Page 14 

Proposing the Costs

What's Included & Why:

  • A slide containing social proof (testimonials, client logos, results, etc).
  • Proposed time frame for the services, broken down by task and month.
  • Proposed cost for services.

Proposal Costs Proposal Results Section Proposed Time Frame Proposed Time Estimate


If you're struggling to close your SEO leads please feel free to use our exact template - it works.

More important than the actually proposal is qualifying your leads. Your time is valuable - don't waste it chasing down unqualified prospective clients!


  1. Hey Ryan, I’m late to the party here, and it’s no longer pinned to your Facebook group. Is there anywhere else I can download this, pretty please? It looks awesome. Thanks!

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for sticking that in a drop box! I just discovered this post and was also looking on facebook for it! cheers!

  3. Ryan,

    Wanted to thank you for providing a really great resource that packs a wallop for prospective clients. I am going to be using this, modified of course, for my own proposals and will start using it once I have my site re-vamped and focusing on the clients I want to work with.

    Would you mind elaborating on that initial phone call that you have with a prospective client to qualify them?

    The content you have provided is really top-notch, and frankly, it has motivated me to re-vamp my site, processes and strategies for getting my services out there to the many businesses that need them. Keep bringing the great content.


  4. Ryan,

    Wanted to thank you for providing a really great resource apply own idea that packs a wallop for prospective clients. I am going to be using this Knowledge for my own proposals .

    God Bless you …


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    Thanks for the effort.

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  15. First of all, thank you for your openness. You are maintaining the fading tradition of how the web used to be.

    I sincerely hope that my next comment is not taken wrong. Many of us, myself included have stopped using Facebook. For my part, I think I have been contributing to a monster that has intentions of total control. I just can’t participate anymore.

    If you should ever again post your template to DropBox, I hope I learn about it.

    Thank you again for being generous in sharing your work.

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  18. Hey Ryan, awesome stuff man, your content is really top notch. One question for you if you dont mind answering. With the proposal form, do you use it as a contract form where the customer has to sign it before you start your work. Thanks so much!

    • Ryan Stewart

      we have a separate contract that we send over after theyve accepted the proposal

  19. This is awesome stuff man. I’m in the early stages of my own seo firm promoting local businesses and I love everything you do – you do it right. Not everybody does, so I appreciate the content you put out there. What is your facebook group – I want to jump in!

    Thanks again for all the free stuff you’re putting out.

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      we actually migrated to google slides, much more effective we just send them a link

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