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  • Crosswalk large amounts of data from Google Analytics, Ahrefs, XML Sitemaps and more.
  • Quickly analyze page level quality – links, bounce rate, organic traffic and more.
  • Spits our recommendations at the URL level for the best way ahead – 301, 404, update or leave as is.
  • Save time, resources and headaches – 100% free.


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Content Audit Tool

When your site’s been around for a while, you accumulate pages that no longer add value to your audience. To clean it up, you need to undergo a content audit, whereby you review every piece page on your site.

We (David Krevitt, CIFL and Ryan Stewart, WEBRIS) put together this Google Sheets template which helps automate a large portion of the tedious content audit process.

By pulling traffic data from GA (using Supermetrics), and exporting your link data from Ahrefs, you’ll end up with a list of pages to:


1. Leave as is (aka 200)

If a page does receive organic traffic, has a low bounce rate and high conversion rate, we want to leave that page alone.



2. Quality review (QR)

If a page does receive organic traffic, has a high bounce rate and low conversion rate, we want to review that page for content relevancy. After manual quality review, you will want to delete (404), redirect (301) or rewrite the content to improve it.



3. Delete (404)
If a page has no organic traffic and no backlinks, it has little value to your site. You should manually review it or delete it from your site.


4. Redirect to similar content (301)

If a page has no organic traffic but does have backlinks, you want to preserve link equity by setting a 301 redirect into a similar piece of content.


If a page has organic traffic, but a low conversion or high bounce rate, you’ll want to review for relevancy, and potentially rewrite content.

After taking these steps to pull traffic and links data, you’ll see a list of URLs and suggestions on the ‘Next Steps’ tab.

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