Google Sheets Templates



    Content Audit Tool

    • Crosswalk large amounts of data from Google Analytics, Ahrefs, XML Sitemaps and more.
    • Quickly analyze page level quality – links, bounce rate, organic traffic and more.
    • Spits our recommendations at the URL level for the best way ahead – 301, 404, update or leave as is.
    • Save time, resources and headaches – 100% free.


    KW Rank Tracker

    • Pulls organic traffic data from Google Analytics based on the time period you give it. Compares that data to month over month and year over year changes for “target” sections of your website.
    • Scrapes keyword data from SEM Rush and builds ranking progress reports, looking at improvements, losses and overall campaign progress.
    • Crosswalks organic traffic data from GA with keyword data from SEM Rush. Tells you true the impact of your “rankings” on organic traffic at a page level.


    SEO Reporting Tool

    • Auto pull KW rankings (SEM Rush) and crosswalk with organic traffic data (Google Analytics).
    • Sync GSC for SERP impressions, clicks and KW tracking.
    • Generate powerful organic traffic reports from Google Analytics with a single click.
    • Beautiful reporting layout, fully customizable to your brand using Google Data Studio.


Automation is the future of marketing.

We’ve teamed up with Coding Is For Losers (David Krevitt) to help you automate tedious (but important) processes like keyword research, content audits and reporting using Google Sheets.

Each template on this page contains a powerful automation solution for your business. On top of that, each template has a short, easy to follow video detailing exactly how to get the template up and running in a matter of minutes.