SEO Reporting Tool

The report comes with 2 parts…

1. Google Sheets data aggregator.

  • Pulls organic traffic data from Google Analytics based on the time period you give it. Compares that data to month over month and year over year changes for “target” sections of your website.
  • Scrapes keyword data from SEM Rush and builds ranking progress reports, looking at improvements, losses and overall campaign progress.
  • Crosswalks organic traffic data from GA with keyword data from SEM Rush. Tells you true the impact of your “rankings” on organic traffic at a page level.

2. Google Data Studio report (customizable template).

  • A section reporting on detailed organic traffic data from Google Analytics, including conversions, traffic and meaningful engagements from search engines.
  • A section reporting on data from Google Search Console, including queries, impressions and branded / non-branded search traffic to your site.
  • A section pulling through the Google Sheets data, plus sections to build and customize based on your website, brand or individual client needs.

Breaking down the details of the report.


    • This page allows you to segment your site by traffic, conversion trends , traffic source, device and user behavior.
    • Quickly understand how your traffic effects on site conversions, your top traffic sources and your best performing pages.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • View how your organic Sessions and Pageviews performed during e given time period, automatically compared to the previous month and the previous year for quick progress analysis.
    • View how your organic traffic is trending over time. Easily change the date range to look back deep into history, seasonality or campaign progress.
    • Quick check on engagement metrics like average time on page, bounce rate, pages per session, mobile device type, traffic location and % of new sessions (all organic traffic).
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • The top 2 graphs pull from Google Search Console’s API to pull through “clicks” and “impressions” your website has received in Google over the last 90 days.
    • The bottom 2 graphs filter out “branded” queries (aka anytime someone accesses your website when using your brand as search terms). These charts give you insights into how non-branded keywords are performing.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • This page serves as a dashboard for on site purchases (ecommerce sites only). If your website is non-commerce related, you can simply delete this page.
    • Get a quick overview of sales performance from organic channels, revenue, conversion rate and more.
    • A table showing the pages with the most traffic and conversions from organic traffic sources.
    • Make sure your website is setup to track ecommerce conversions in Google Analytics.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.

ecommerce seo reporting


    • This page allows you to look at specific product pages to gauge their performance from organic traffic.
    • Our tutorial shows you how easy it is to duplicate this page to recreate this powerful report for any product on your site.
    • It looks at organic traffic to that page, engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on page, pages per session), average order value, transactions and revenue data.
    • The chart at the bottom of the page plots revenue vs. average order value, allowing you to see how specific product pages are growing or declining over time.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • This page deep dives into “goal conversions” from organic traffic. It looks at organic goal conversion rate, total conversions and engagement metrics.
    • This page is perfect for local or lead generation websites who rely heavily on tracking form submissions or phone calls as their main KPIs.
    • Make sure your website is setup to track goals. Read more on our blog about determining KPIs.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • For local businesses or websites, this page is for you (if not, simply delete it).
    • The top graph charts allows you to segment based on specific local landing pages (i.e. store locations, key landing pages, etc) and plots organic sessions to that page against goal completions.
    • The dashboard below presents engagement information and the city / location of where your organic traffic is coming from.
    • The final chart is a screenshot from that page’s Google My Business showing how many times your location was viewed in Google Search and Google Maps.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • This page shows overall keyword visibility and growth using SEM Rush data. Simply add a screenshot of overall process in the top section.
    • To run this page completely, you will need to run our keyword tracking standalone spreadsheet, which pulls data from SEM Rush and Google Analytics to tell you overall keyword progress and movements.
    • This page is for advanced SEOs looking for in depth reporting – it can also be removed if you’re looking for a more basic reporting solution.
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.


    • We use this section to pull in the links and content we built during that reporting period.
    • Not everyone likes to report on this, so we left it in here as a placeholder for you to customize based on your own needs.
    • Simply edit text and numbers to display the data you’d like.
    • You can also use this section to pull through custom Google Sheets files that you track for your campaign (for example tasks completed, upcoming deliverables, etc).
    • Watch the video above to see the report in action.

  • The most powerful SEO reporting suite available on the web.
  • No recurring payments or expensive software costs.
  • Customize the report to your exact needs (or your clients), brand, goals or site needs.
  • Crosswalk data from multiple sources (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush and more).
  • Advanced reporting that tells you everything you need to know about your site’s SEO performance.

1 Time Payment, Lifetime Access

Simply purchase through PayPal and we’ll email you the report + step by step guide how to customize for your brand.


  1. Great tool, we use this for all of our clients now and it’s saved us a TON of time and a TON of money on expensive reporting software. Kudos guys.


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