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5 Bad A$$ Blogs Accepting Guest Posts


Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

Can you believe it’s been over 2 months since our last link tip?!

I’ll be honest – when I created this series in January, it thrived on click bait. I played to the fact that no SEOs divulged their link sources. The tactic worked – I get dozens of ‘thank you’ emails a week and honestly, I love it.

Genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, I want to provide you guys as much value as I can (I think if you take a look around this blog you’ll agree).

As I looked back on some of the original tips I realize they were shit – I apologize for that. In my defense, when I posted them, I thought they were good tips. I mean, you know damn well how fast SEO changes.

So, in order to make up it, I’m giving you some really powerful guest blog opportunities.

Why guest blogs? Because in my humble opinion, they’re the easiest way to get links from powerful sites. Our site was quite literally built on guest posting (see for yourself: SEM Rush)

SEM Rush

I truly believe every website owner who wants to increase organic traffic should be regularly guest posting. Here’s a list of 5 killer blogs to get you started.


Before you contact them, understand this…

These are high quality websites, with content editors – they take their blogs seriously. I can not guarantee link placements because you’ll need a great piece of content to get accepted.



1. Tweak Your Biz

TweakYour Biz is a powerful business blog that does over 300,000 page views per month. They accept guest post pitches and the process is rather painless if you approach them properly. My piece went through a few edits before going live so make sure you’ve got a quality piece of content to submit.


2. Startup Bros

I’d been following the guys (Will and Kyle) at Startup Bros for a while before writing for them. They write about building online businesses and have built a tremendous platform and following. The post I wrote has driven over 1,000 visits in less than a month. They have high expectations for content submissions so please, don’t come at them with some bull sh!t article.


Startup Bros Guest Post



3. .EDU College Website

ASU as in Arizona State University. Arizona State University as in .edu, aka the holy grail of trust worthy links – not to mention a nice fat contextual one. The blog is themed around non profit businesses – you’ll need to be a little creative and come up with a way to create your content around a non profit theme (I wrote about non profit marketing strategy).





4. Business 2 Community

I love Business 2 Community because they syndicate our content. This relationship took some time to build and began as an outreach email and a few one off guest posts. Once you’re accepted as an author, they give you a backend login to self publish your own content. B2C is great for those of you with clients looking for brand exposure on a high visibility website.


business 2 community



5. Mainstreethost

Mainstreethost is a digital marketing agency that has a ton of link equity pointing to it. They’ve built that equity through consistent creation of quality blog content. The team there is incredibly friendly and responsive – if you’ve got a good piece of marketing content, I suggest you submit it here.


Guest Post Mainstreet


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  • Saj Devshi Says

    Hey Ryan!

    Been trying to get hold of that Edu blog in the past (we spoke about it previously) – are they replying at all yet? Last we spoke you said you tried to message them again but no reply, just wondering if they are active again now?


  • Cormac Reynolds Says

    Reached out to some of these folks – some great blogs on here – great, helpful post again.

  • Technocrab Says

    Hey ryan that was a very nice stuff but do not think that it is so easy to post blogs on quality blog posting sites or article submission sites like ezine.

  • Handy Orten Says

    Once done with developing content of the highest possible quality, next would be to get them linked by some high authority blog. The biggest 1000 blunder most of the content developers make is that they keep publishing guest posts on a single authority blog and try to get as many backlinks as possible from the same domain.

  • Laura Says

    This is an amazing resource- people are always looking for quality ways into guest posting, but it’s rare to find such a clear list with reasons explained. Thanks for the tips-will be using!

  • طراحی سایت Says

    great post thanks for share it

  • طراحی سایت Says

    very good thank you for share

  • Craig Kilgore Says

    Ryan – thanks for including Mainstreethost in your list. Appreciate the love!

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  • Jason Says


    As a former student who has graduated and worked my way up the entrepreneur ladder I want to thank you for the great information you have for students on your site. I would like to like to help out by providing a guest post article in my areas of expertise. A topic I had in mind is “Moving Tips for Students on a Budget” but I am really open to talk about other topics.

    Kind regards,

  • movieplatinum21 Says

    Nonton kita? Nice article!

  • Paulina Kubala-Chuchnowska Says

    Hi Ryan! I’ve read many articles with tips how to promote your blog and writing guest posts is always one of the ways. But I’ve never seen a list of blogs good to start do it. I’m sure that your recommend websites help many readers.
    Greetings from PressPad!

  • Kyle Says

    Great article. How did you searched for the .edu site?

    • We no longer build links on .edu sites, I need to update this!

  • johnson20085@gmail.com Says

    Good read, this whole article was worth reading. It really represents the perfection of information that you have presented for each newbie blogger. Thanks for sharing such a good topic.

  • isaac_Techno Says

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    Great article here , Good article.

  • shailesh Says

    Nice write up!
    I really appreciate your efforts.
    Guest posting is one of the most popular link building processes to get high authority backlinks.
    I was looking for guest posting link-building. And thankfully, here I have got some actionable tips to unleash guest posting opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing…

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    My site to submit a guest post is: http://www.schimiggy.com/submit-guest-post

    I have a da of 35. I accept travel, lifestyle and health, and fashion posts. 😀

    Thank you!

    Alex Tran
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  • Justin Says


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  • Alex Says

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  • Norton Says

    Thanks for sharing these with us Ryan!

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