📘 3 Tips to 3x Leads

📘 3 Tips to 3x Leads



96% increase in organic traffic for Shopify store

We helped Radha Beauty increase eccomerce traffic and sales.

The Client

Radha Beauty is an online supplier of organic skin care, health and beauty supplements. They came to us for help gaining visibility for their core products – essential oils, vitamin C serum, rosehip oil and argan oil.

The Plan

  • Amazon dominated the organic landscape for all of their keywords. We needed to find keyword opportunities where a website could still rank.
  • Their website had really low authority (i.e. not a lot of ranking power) in a very competitive space. We knew that ranking product pages was a long term play, but getting the right content on the site could turn things around quickly.
  • The industry had a plethora of online engagement from “influencers”. Instagrammers, YouTubers and bloggers were all over the place and presented an amazing opportunity to spread the reach of the brand.

The Execution

  • Keyword research // We needed to find areas in the SERPs where Amazon was NOT present. Using our keyword universe model, we found tens of thousands of keyword opportunities where we could have organic success.
  • Content creation // For more competitive keywords, it’s easier to get content to rank than a product page. We focused on creating long form content “one step up” in the customer funnel. For example, the keyword “rosehip oil”. We created a deep guide with custom images and media to target the keyword “rosehip oil benefits”. We were able to rank these content pages and push internal traffic through to product pages and increase purchases.
  • Amazon optimizations // Using our keyword universe model, we were able to understand which keywords we could rank with the website and which we should rank their Amazon store. Because Amazon holds so much authority with Google, we could leverage that authority to rank for keywords where their website could not. Ranking Amazon pages in Google search is no different than ranking a website. We went through and optimized the “on page” elements like titles, descriptions and images, but also targeted those pages with links during outreach as well. These pages shot up in the rankings within a matter of weeks.
  • Influencer outreach // In spaces like this (health, beauty) it’s far more effective to target “influencers” than bloggers for link building. Our team prospected for thousands of health, fitness and beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube and pitched them things like free product, native ads and promotional exchanges.

The Results

  • +96%

    organic traffic

  • +476%

    keyword visibility

  • 56

    influencer placements

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