📘 3 Tips to 3x Leads

📘 3 Tips to 3x Leads



+234% in organic leads for Lapeyre Stair

The Client

Lapeyre Stair is an industrial & commercial metal stair provider in many industries. Lapeyre approached us in late 2020 with the goal of driving a steady stream of organic traffic and qualified leads via their website.

The Plan

  • After beginning with our proprietary Website Quality Audit to gain an understanding of any underlying problems and to also highlight potential opportunities for Lapeyre which lead to the following discoveries
  • While existing content on the site was highly targeted to their target audience, well written and helpful, it lacked the elements of on page SEO that would be necessary to compete in the search engines.
  • Similarly themed pages were causing cannibalization issues which further held back their ability to rank well for key search terms in their industry.
  • The production of content relevant to their industry was low. The search engines needed more content from them to show that we were an authority on the topics relevant to their business.

The Execution

  • Addressing cannibalization. First we identified any cannibalization issues within their content and fixed these using canonicalization, noindex, or by combining content to a single page and setting up a 301 redirect. This would allow existing content to come into itself and begin ranking.
  • Complete content audit. While existing content was not in itself “bad”, from an SEO perspective it needed work so we went through each page and made recommendations that we believed would result in an increase in rankings and traffic.
  • A regular stream of new content. We created a regular stream of in depth articles (5 per month) to begin building out more relevance within the niche while supporting important existing content on the site with internal linking.
  • Link outreach + acquisition. Found and contacted hundreds of bloggers and press outlets related to home improvement, design and manufacturing.

The Results

  • +2100%

    organic traffic

  • +234%

    organic leads

  • +210%

    new customers (yoy)

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