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From 0 to 30 MQLs/mo
with Organic Traffic

How we overwhelmed a small consulting company with free leads from Google search.

What’s inside the video?

Data, reporting and SEO recommendations.

6 reasons your website is stagnant in Google

Over the last 10 years we’ve worked on thousands of websites - we know how to rank websites. The “5 Phases” framework we developed overtime to ensure our SEO campaigns are effective, scalable and generate more revenue.

Deep dive into real case studies

There’s no “theory” here, this book is written based on real accounts from campaigns. We peak behind the scenes at some of the most effective (and ineffective) SEO campaigns.

Detailed, step by step processes

We named it “The Blueprint” because that’s what it is. The book lays out the exact process to execute an SEO campaign that generates results. Read book. Execute book. Make bank.

Access to templates and tools

Our process is heavily automated by a series of custom built templates. Since we reference these templates throughout the book, we provide a URL with access to grab a copy of the templates for yourself.

Where should we send the video?

Short, actionable advice on how to get your website moving upwards in Google search.

Ready to sprint?

We’ve helped hundreds of companies get more “ready to buy” visitors to their websites - we can do the same for you.