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  • Simon Says

    Ryan! You’re my hero! Your project management tool has helped me a lot with my Consultancy (SimonWYHuang.com)!
    Too bad I’m in Toronto and won’t be able to join you in Miami…(ONE DAY THOUGH!).

  • Corey Says

    All your free content is great. Wish I could make it to Miami hopefully one day the recording will be for sale…

  • subi Says

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t be in Miami but I will be in the SEO Conference on 1-2 Nov (Thailand). I am your Big Fan/ Follower. Learned a lot.

  • punit Says

    1)How can we command high prices and build brand when we are just starting out and don’t have testimonials?
    2) How can I get warm leads because SEO is not a cheap service and need serious clients?
    3) What backend services/product could we sell because not everyone gonna buy SEO . Eg- you have project template on backend. Like that what can we sell for seo?

    • 1. Start your own websites and build your own case studies
      2. See #1
      3. Not sure how to answer this…

  • Irene Says

    Thanks for all the great content, Ryan! What do need to have essentially to start an agency (in terms of knowledge, experience, capital etc.) and how to get your very first clients?

    • I got my first clients from cold calling. You should have enough knowledge to take on a client and be able to get them results, confidently.

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