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Would you show up to an interview in a shorts and sandals?

Your website is the first impression with your customers - you want to make sure you’re sending the right message about your product or service. Whether you like it or not, a dated website with poor functionality reflects on the quality of your business and will turn visitors away. Our team of designers will help you design a gorgeous, custom, functional website that does what it’s supposed to do:

Convert visitors to customers!

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100% Custom. No Templates.

Built from scratch, made just for you.

We don’t use templates. Ever. Using a template allows you to plug in your colors, images and content, but that’s it. That means there’s thousands of websites just like it on the web. Your business is unique, your website needs to be too. Our team of designers dig into what’s important to your business and builds a custom design around that. Honestly, if you’re going to do something, do it right. In other words, do it custom or don’t do it at all.

Part 1: Initial Consultation

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It’s incredibly important we understand exactly what you need out of a website. We developed a questionnaire, complete with visual examples of websites to start that process. After you tell us what styles, layouts and examples you like, we have a follow up consult to understand your business goals. We create the functionality of the website based on what drives you forward (i.e. sales, leads, phone calls, pageviews, etc). From there, we’re able to pick together some initial thoughts and designs.

Part 2: Designing Custom Mockups

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After consults are completed, our team of designers goes to work creating custom graphics, designs, pages, forms, menus, and more in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. After a few weeks of work, we present you with the proposed layout and design for your website. We send you a series of image files that display exactly what your website will look like once live on the web. You have absolute control over it. If you don’t like it, we will keep making changes until you’re 100% happy.

Part 3: Laying Perfect Code to the Designs

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Once you’ve signed off on the website’s design, our designers pass the Photoshop files, images and wireframes to our web development team. They proceed to write the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and whatever other code is necessary to get the website live on a staging domain. We then have you run through the website a few more times to make sure everything is perfect.

Part 4: Testing and Deploying the Finished Product

coding and development

After the code is live, we run through the finished website on our staging domain dozens of times looking for errors, bugs or complications in the user flow. Once everything checks out, we set up your Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and sync any necessary CRM tools. The last step is to migrate the files to your final URL. Just like that you’ve got a brand new website!

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