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Free Keyword Tracking Tool

  • July 26, 2019

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Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

This tool helps us track keywords throughout the life of SEO campaigns – we use it as a part of our monthly reports for clients.

The tool runs in Google Sheets, pulling data from Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMrush and generate incredibly helpful keyword rank tracking reports.


the keyword tool


We don’t like sending spreadsheet reports to clients, so we built a Google Data Studio template to visualize the data.

The keyword tracking report calculates and builds the following reports for you:

  1. Overall keyword ranking counts sliced by positions in the top 3, 10 and 100
  2. Keyword rankings for target landing pages + important keywords
  3. Keyword rank changes for top KWs by volume and position

It’s an incredibly simple yet powerful way to track keyword ranking progressions over the course of am SEO campaign.

All that’s required to get started is access to SEMrush, Ahrefs, or any other keyword tracking tool.

Let’s walk through the tool in more detail…


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The reporting outputs of the tool…

top 3 rankings progression

The total number of keywords in the top 2, top 10 and top 100 since your campaign started (also this month and last month). This is an incredibly simple and effective visual for client reporting, it clearly communicates how keywords rankings have shifted since you began work.


keyword rank tracking

Keyword rankings in Google across your site segmented by average position and search volume. The true power of the tool is the keyword ranking comparison, showing you how these keywords are tracking this month, last month and since the start of your campaign.


target page tracking

A 2 page report tracking your key target pages and important keywords. We use these reports to completely reduce any need for external rank tracking software.

Setting up the keyword tool is simple…

We built a simple to use interface that walks you through the details of how to run the report.

  • Enter your information, connect your data sources
  • The report requires input from a keyword tracking tool (Ahrefs, SEMrush or other)
  • Instead of manually pulling that data, a Sheets plugin called Supermetrics connects via API to grab it all for you

free keyword tool

  • Follow step by step prompts to populate the report
  • Along with a step by step instructional video, we also built out a text version of the file
  • This easy to use formula allows us to push our reporting to our offshore team to increase local productivity

pulling keyword data

  • Using powerful scripts and formula, it crunches the data
  • Sheets shows it’s true power not with pulling data, but aggregating and formatting
  • A few clicks runs powerful data crosswalks between Google Analytics and SEM Rush

setting up columns

  • Track keyword progress over periods of time
  • The template scrapes ranking data from SEM Rush’s index and calculates progress using a number of KPIs, including keyword movements and progress of top landing pages on your site

setting campaign months

  • Crosswalk KW rankings and organic traffic numbers
  • The template allows you to enter a set of “target” pages, aka the pages on your site that mean the most to your top line
  • Using advanced lookups, the template calculates organic traffic changes and keyword movements in an easy to understand set of reports

set target pages

  • Setup your Google Data Studio template with a simple click
  • We took care of all the legwork for you, it’s simply a matter of making a copy

setup vizualization


The tool is available for FREE in our training platform, along with step by step video guidance on how to set it up.

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Comments ( 990 )

  • Denver Says
    5 years ago

    Awesome post!

  • Deni Hatfield Says
    4 years ago

    This post is really helpful and it is very useful for me to get organic traffic for my site. I follow its tricks and solution which I describe above and I must tell you that it is a realy effective process to get organic traffic. thanks for this post.

  • Ivana Says
    4 years ago

    Hi Ryan,

    My name is Ivana and I am the founder of veganizmija.com, a vegan website devoted to all things vegan in Serbia and the Balkans.

    I would like to track some keywords which I’ve started ranking for lately, but I’ve hit my SEMRush limit. My site is only a few months old and is not profitable at all (just sharing the knowledge for now lol) so I’m looking for a free kwr tracking tool and ran into yours.

    I can see your software is free, but that it utilizes ahrefs and other tools, so I was wondering if I need a subscription for those other tools in order to use it?


  • Ryan Stewart Says
    4 years ago

    you do NOT need a full subscription to semrush to use it

  • Linda Says
    3 years ago

    Nice article, I wasn’t aware of many tips mentioned in this article. Appreciate the amount of hard work that you put in to creating this amazing article. Thanks for the info!


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