📘 We wrote a best seller!

📘 We wrote a best seller!




Video training series detailing how we took a client from 3k to 100k organic visits in 8 months.


Taking a New Site from 0 – 15k Organic Visits in 30 Days

Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

The last 2 months I’ve been obsessed with building an Amazon FBA / eCommerce business.

A large part of our strategy is content marketing. Using it, I drove 15,861 visits in 30 days.

Organic Traffic

I put together a video that shows you exactly how I’m doing it.

  • Why I do TOPICAL research, NOT keyword research, and exactly how you can do it as well
  • The process I use to identify viral topics with low competition
  • The type of content I’m using that’s crushing it for me

If you like the video (and want more) make sure to check out my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. I’m constantly keeping them updated with new marketing strategies.

Too busy to watch the video? I feel you. I host it on YouTube so you can watch them in half the time!

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  • Geoff Says

    Freaking epic content as always dude.

  • Joe Says

    Great breakdown Ryan – I like that you recognize informational searches as the most likely way to explode traffic vs commercial queries.

    Great insight on the fact that keyword planner reports on past data. I’ve received decent traffic and leads from keywords that don’t even show up in the planner.

    Does your table of data strategy also help for the Google Answer snippets? Is that one of your primary goals as well with the table of data, or just a byproduct?

    • i use the table mostly for users. it helps to break down mass amounts of information into better UX. Google is also showing parts of the table as site links for exact match queries – nothing as of yet in the knowledge graph.

  • Mark Says

    What would you do if you carry a non-well known product or brand?

    This sounds great for affiliates…but would about retailers or people who created a product? I have a particularly product that is disruptive to an industry with a lot of branded presence and looking to promote it.

    • the same process applies. adidas is a huge brand, no?

      • Mark Says

        I typo’ed that big time Ryan sorry about that. I meant I have an unknown brand and product that is disruptive to the industry. There are a lot of major brand players in the market that have a lot of $ and presence in the space. The product is certainly under a little known brand name, but the manufacturer is willing to private label for me once I sell in good volumes.

        • Sean Says

          I had a similar situation once…using a private label product to invade a super entrenched industry.
          Here’s what I did (it does involve keywords, but you’ll see why):
          1. Goal Oriented Keywords – these tend to begin with “How To” or “Best Method for…”
          2. Problem Oriented Keywords – “My neck hurts after works”, etc
          3. My favorite method is what I call Common Ground keywords. Begin identifying TV shows, movies, music, major personalities, etc that feature your product or service or whatever. Then begin creating content that moves people from the ‘Common Ground’ to your eventual opt-in/product.
          For example, a few articles devoted to Donald Trump’s hair can easily lead to discussion of wigs and/or hair regrowth formula.

  • Borja Says

    Very, very good Ryan. I did something similar and the key relies on knowing what’s trending in your industry as you said. It would be interesting to provide a step by step guide on being on top of your industry news.

    • i started to write this as a step by step blog post but i just dont have the time anymore. video is the only way i can cover big topics is an hour or 2

      • Borja Says

        No bro, the video is perfect and better than anything. I meant like a checklist for the small specific part of going through industry news to identify trends.

  • Cez Says

    Hey Ryan, very good comprehensive how to video. Question, i notice you are using Shareasale for your aff links which redirects to Nike correct? Also how easy is it to get accepted for a shareasale aff account? Is there a traffic or other requirement? Thx

  • Ashutosh Porwal Says

    Hi Ryan, Wow well explained and nice video quality. But I am not able to find tweet sharing button?

    • just added them – the plugin wasn’t working. feel free to share 🙂

  • Paul Warren Says

    Another great video Ryan.

    If this is the stuff you give out for free … Your paid stuff must awesome.

    You could get your instagram pumping too, with a little bit of automation. Happy to show you how to do that.

    Thanks again.

    • i’m using a bot to automate things, haven’t seen great results yet. i’d love to know what you’re doing though.

      • Oyekunle Damola Says

        Awesome stuff as always Ryan. I used Instagress and I was not disappointed. Just make sure you target the right people to follow.

        Thanks once again for taking the time to document your process.

  • Maximillian Heth Says

    Great tutorial! Seems that digging through subreddits is also a great way to do topic research for lots of niches.

  • Pritam Das Says

    How do you monetize this kind of traffic? Since people are coming to your site by informational keyword, they will be not with credit card in hand. So affiliate sale will be not much.

    • actually, these are valuable keywords. these are people searching for BRANDED products, that means theyre already AWARE of the product and are in the purchase mindset, but maybe just not right now. for affiliate stuff, once you have them cookied if they buy within 30 days youre good.

  • jeff Says

    Super informative and great leading edge thinking. How would you apply this to a less hype social market such as education lead gen for subjects like ‘Healthcare Administration Management”?

    • i probably wouldn’t use this technique for a niche like that. i’d create an ebook or webby and promote it with facebook ads, then buy traffic from google for buyer specific keywords.

  • Julia Says

    Great and easy to follow technique. Thank you.

  • patricia Says

    Thank you for the nice share on the facebook.

    How did you obtain the transcript of your video???

  • Sanjeev Kumar Says

    HI Ryan, Happy to read and see the video which you have tell us new technique. What my question is if i create only these type of informational keyword content so how you can generate the funds For this site.

  • Tom Kucharski Says

    Ryan, excellent post! What your paid stuff would you recommend for a beginner? I am to use in marketing but I think I know nothing about SEO.

  • Jim taylor Says

    My site has been live for 3 weeks and I’ve had 52,556 users so far.
    All because my second blog post was something so many people (Sunday league football managers) could relate to. I’ve also written a post on the traffic.

    • so you know first hand how well this can work! thanks for commenting

  • Vinicius Says

    which plug used for the construction of the table?

  • MariemeH. Says

    Hi Ryan,
    This strategy works well of you do not own the product. What js the best strategy if you own a brand and are also looking to promote a product?

  • Eric Says


    Thank you for your always amazing over-the-top value and content. I absolutely love it. Anyone that has clients or wants to do SEO correctly should STAY AWAY from this kind of material because it actually works. DO NOT JOIN this information unless you want more leads and exposure than you ever thought possible.

  • FanGrow.com App Says

    Great stuff , thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very useful tips.

  • Sam Says

    I’m blown away. Do you think the tips here will work for a new website like tnlounge.com ?

  • Aris Says

    As a netizen with limited internet bandwidth, I would like to thank you for the transcription (and the content marketing strategies of course).

  • Brendan Says

    This is ridiculous. I came here for SEO awesomeness and you not only gave me that, but got me to spend 10 minutes looking at New Balance shoes. Awesome sneaker site as well Ryan.

  • Anthony Says

    Wow this is exactly the type of content I’ve been looking for. Great to see some actual examples.

    My only concern would be using the images from other websites. Do you ask permission before using them? I appreciate you link to them. Thanks

    • most websites (the ones with quality images) have a disclaimer on their site about image use. 9 times out of 10 they tell you to use it if you cite them with a link.

  • Sherman Smith Says

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the information here. Looks like I was doing it all wrong. Yes I was doing keyword research like it was 1999 still although we live in the age of Google Semantics. I really like the tip about linking out as well to find images. Now I’m going to start implementing! Have a great weekend!

  • sam Says

    This is a great strategy overall and thanks. But using images that aren’t yours, without permission, is a copyright violation whether or not you link to the source. It makes no difference legally. Linking to authority sites may be helping your rankings, but I would not draw the conclusion that good rankings relates to citing the image source. Some manufacturers don’t care if you use their images, and everyone does it, but you’re not protected from a takedown notice or worse (lawsuits). And, by linking back, you may be basically notifying them that you’re using their images. Just because you provide attribution and/or a link back to the original doesn’t mean you’re free and clear. “Fair use has nothing to do with attribution. That’s an issue related to plagiarism, which is different from copyright.” –from http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/copyright-fair-use-and-how-it-works-for-online-images/
    In some cases you can use images under Fair Use, but if it’s commercial use you cannot. Sometimes it’s a fine line. A review with no affiliate links would probably be okay, but if it’s a review with the purpose of selling the product, it can be considered commercial use.

    • it depends on the rules of the sites where you get them from. check for yourself

  • Derek Says

    I read your content marketing guide. Serious question: Do you consider this “Amazing content”? I’m not trying to be cynical… I’m fairly new to content marketing. So when I read your guide I got a bit intimidated by “amazing content”. But if this is considered amazing… it seems extremely obtainable.

    • i wouldn’t say you’re trying to be cynical, it sounds like you’re being a condescending dick

      • Derek Says

        Sorry it came off that way. Which is why I tried to explained that I wasn’t trying to be cynical AND that I was new… maybe I should have mentioned I wasn’t trying to be a condescending dick. Oh well.

        Just trying to ask a legitimate question. Since most people who preach quality content give references to 10,000+ word definitive guides and things of that sort, it makes it seem very difficult to reach, almost making your eyes glaze over. But if this is an example of the type of quality content that’s needed… as I said previously it seems very obtainable. Which is pretty cool for beginners in content marketing. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the thought of creating some “work of art” piece of content.

  • Ryan Says

    Absolutely love this video, Ryan. It ended up sucking me into the blog archive’s for most of today instead of putting the finishing touches on my taxes!

    Quick question: are there any posts already published on how you go about finding and hiring a quality VA for such an affordable rate?

    • i don’t have anything published at the moment – but it’s on the list of things to create. if you follow along on facebook or youtube, you can stay in touch with my updates. thanks for checking us out!

      • Ryan Says

        Awesome, I’m following along, can’t wait for that upcoming post.

  • Jignesh Says

    I really like the way you utilized the all small points on online marketing and clubbed them to get best result. You will agree that, all popular websites sharing content marketing, keyword research bla bla but the practical implication you demonstrate is really awesome.

    Keep sharing your wonderful work.

  • GV Says

    Can you do an article about topical research?

  • John Says

    Hey Ryan, I live in S. Miami, do you do seminars locally here in miami? I would love to attend.

    • at the moment i don’t, but its definitely on the to do list to set something up.

  • Drew Says

    Awesome stuff – I run an eCommerce store in the adult toy niche… 3,000 products (well, 2 but we lost our seo on our first so this second one needs to be built right) and I’m having trouble.

    This sort of thing — you think it would work just as effectively for a blog that’s on an eCommerce store?

    I mean, I love the strategy… seems like it could work but our industry is pretty tough too. And its not normally as ‘social’ as other niches.

    Any thoughts on that?

    • of course – the majority of sites we do this for are ecommerce

  • Oli Says

    Hey Ryan,
    Awesome vid. How did that impact on your aff sales?

    • theres been a few trickling in, nothing major though

      • Oli Says

        Ok cool, thx ryan ??

  • Adam Says

    Hey Ryan, your brilliant article inspired me to write a post about the keyword vs topical research debate, mentioned you a couple times: http://usergravity.io/articles/how-to-do-keyword-research-in-a-social-driven-world

  • alimin Says

    It’s a really wonderful enlightenment with pure insight. May you get enlightened in other topics.

  • Sean Says

    Hey Ryan,
    I stumbled onto this blog from a Facebook group mention about another post of yours. In the last few days I have been devouring your content. I am super stoked to find this article, and I am more than happy to say “F U” to the majority of keyword research forever.
    That said, I am curious. I know that the domain is brand new, and that you are indeed crushing it with organic search traffic, but I would like to know whether or not you are starting to see any money from those affiliate links that you highlight in the video.
    You don’t have to be too specific, I am just wondering about conversion since you mention that topical traffic bounces and is not as focused as keyword traffic.
    Thanks in advance, and please keep doing what you are doing here. This blog just got bookmarked!

    • hey sean,

      thanks for commenting.

      i haven’t made any money off those affiliate links – the reason is because those shoes are out of stock everywhere, so even if i linked directly to the product, they couldn’t buy it. the point of the site isn’t affiliate anyways, it’s to build traffic for the ecommerce store selling shoelaces

  • Jesse Tam Says

    Thanks for the tips and strategies

  • Klaas Koopman Says

    Hi Ryan, thank you for this article and video. You actually work quite alot like I do, but I’ve got one question for you: why nofollow the credit links? Isn’t nofollow only for ad’s?

    • Having TOO many outbound links isn’t good for SEO, Google guidelines state that it can ruin the user experience. Also, pages on your site have equity – by linking out, you’re passing that equity to other sites. If you no follow external links, your internal links will pass more equity

  • Dinsta Says

    Absolute worth to read this

  • Tessah Says

    Hi Ryan. I enjoyed this video. Learned a lot from it. Thank you for sharing!

    If you won’t mind, could you tell us how much traffic this page gets and how much income does it generate now? If you can’t share it, no problem. 🙂


    • i took off all affiliate links, the site is generating money through ecommerce sales now

  • Rajiv Singha Says

    Such a beastly post Ryan! I can’t really imagine anyone calling you shit after such a fantastic article. It is just the kind of shit I like 😀

    • Rajiv Singha Says

      oh and I wanted to ask how would you push this traffic towards sales?

  • Yogi Says

    An eye opener video! Very cool! I feel ashamed because I’m still doing the old way SEO, using keyword planner and long tail but find it’s still hard to rank fast. Please make another video about topic research, I’d like to learn more about it. Thanks 🙂

  • David "Lee" Lesniewski Says

    Damn…I always felt like I was doing kw research wrong and finally somebody pulls back the curtain! Thanks brother…btw, love your brutally honest style!

  • Kaushik Dutta Says

    Ryan…which theme you used for the site ?

  • Craig Tuttle Says

    Wow…Glad I took the time to watch this video! Awesome stuff man! Really puts into perspective that the Keyword Planner is not the end all be all. What would you do when talking to a prospective client when doing keyword research? I know you touched on it a little bit, but without using the keyword planner or something like SEMrush, what would you do to show them what people are using to search for their service or product?

    • we use sem rush and / or ahrefs keyword explorer, they get the job done and they’re able to do it in bulk

  • Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge – very generous of you! Super helpful video! Love your work and your story — Doors close for a reason: to keep us from settling 🙂

  • BoxingOnlineStream Says

    Nice post. I liked the way you explained the things. I feel that good content is the key for everything. Thanks again for writing such a good post.

  • Aitor Says

    Great video Ryan. Thank you for explaining things with such a detail. When you say “Asearches are changing right now”… maybe it’s true with Adidas or Nike, but what about other niches? If they are static niches, for example the niche of language learning (which I come from), it’s very static and people always search for specific keywords. If you don’t a have a high authority domain you are quite fucked up. What would you suggest me, and what would you suggest to people in similar niches?

  • Wilford smith Says

    Good stuff…

  • Faisal Zamir Says

    Oh great sir to shear such kind of great SEO tips, can you tell me that how to create magic back linking fro a website?

    • We have plenty of articles on our blog about link building strategies.

  • Good

  • Nacho Says

    Hi Ryan,

    If you had to choose between semrush and ahrefs? Which one would you choose?

    Which is more complete?

    • hey nacho – they’re both awesome and we use them both, everyday. ahrefs is much better for link research and data, semrush i prefer for competitive research.

  • mike Says

    You mention cite/link an image properly and not sure I understand. How do I properly cite/link the image on my website to the original image?

    Thanks for the great video

    • You just add a link to where you found the image, pretty straight forward.

  • Gede Says

    I really like how you write contents prety sure that i would follow your proces!

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