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Complete List of SEO Deliverables (With Samples)

  • April 19, 2019

About the author

Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

I was working on a proposal and came across a document in our company portal that listed out each SEO deliverable we perform for clients.

We decided to publish this as a blog post to give you context and inspiration for tactics you can use in your SEO campaign.

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Or, if you want us to perform these deliverables for your website, drop us a line.


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Kickoff report / analysis

A report that pulls data from GA, GSC and KW rankings to help us understand the current status of your website. This report helps our team build the initial strategy for your site.

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onboarding seo report


Website quality audit

Full scrape of ALL pages on your site cross-walked with vital SEO metrics like links, KW rankings, indexation status and more. We will then make decision about what to do with every page on your website (i.e. leave it as is, update the “on page” elements, NOINDEX, 301 redirect, etc). This process helps us clean up low quality pages on your website while digging deeper into pages and keywords we should be focusing on for quickest results.

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website quality audit


Competitive landscape audit

A deep look at 3 of your top competitors and compare them head to head with your marketing efforts. This is not an SEO focused audit, instead we will look at things like social media activity, authority, advertising and other internet marketing tactics to better understand how you can improve your growth strategy.

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competitive audit seo


Google Search Console audit

An audit of your Google Search Console account to ensure previous technical changes are tracking properly. We will also perform an audit of sitemaps, directives and other technical aspects as a part of general technical maintenance of your site.

google search console audit


Action tracker

We use this file to prioritize and manage the changes that need to take place on your website (based on our audits and findings). We will be consistently using this file to manage your campaign and ensure things are getting corrected as quickly as possible.

action tracker


Keyword research

The “Website Quality Audit” results in a list of pages that are vital to your site’s organic growth. We perform in depth keyword research for each of these pages, finding the “primary” and “secondary” keywords of each of these “target pages”. We will also look at the current Google results for each of those keywords, reporting on how many links and words they have on their pages. This helps us to understand exactly how we should be optimizing each of your key pages for the main keywords we want to rank for.

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keyword research


“On page” corrections

Using the previous audits, we run a full “on page” assessment of your website’s key pages. This checklist looks at items like page titles, content depth, meta descriptions and schema markups. We will then build out the action plan to take the necessary steps to complete the items.

This is labor intensive work – we segment your site based on the number of pages to tackle. Each month we will work on a set number of pages.

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on page recommendations


Target pages

An entire list of the pages and keywords we will target throughout the life of your campaign. We will also benchmark the current keyword rankings so we can track progress over the life of your time with us. Each page will include a prioritization and site section which we will use to organize the execution of improvements to each page.

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target pages


Project plan

Based on our first month of work, we will have a clear picture of exactly what needs to be done on your site. We will build out a new project plan that will detail each item we plan to attack for the rest of your campaign.

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seo project plan


Link building strategy

Based on your target pages, we have a good idea of how many links it will take to rank for each keyword we’re targeting. We will deliver a deck with the types of links and outreach tactics we will use to secure links every month for the remainder of your campaign.

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link building strategy


Link prospecting & outreach

Based on the results of the link strategy, we will setup and manage a number of outreach campaigns with the goal of getting other websites to link to yours. We use a number of different strategies, including broken link building and sponsored posts.

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link building process


Technical SEO audit

End to end audit of the technical elements of your website including Sitemaps, Robots.txt, crawl directives and more. We will find any issues and make full recommendations on how to fix.

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technical seo audit


Keyword gap analysis

Out previous keyword research is aimed at finding the proper keywords on the pages you already have created. Next, we want to find the gaps (and opportunities) based on your competitors and industry leaders. We will build a keyword gap analysis that we will use to build new pages or articles on your site.

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keyword gap analysis


Content audit

Not all content is good content. Before we begin creating new pieces of content, we need to thoroughly evaluate the current content you have on your site. We will make decisions about whether to delete, redirect, update or create new pieces of content based on those keywords. We will deliver a file with detailed recommendations on how to handle the current content on your site and next steps to building new, better content for the remainder of your campaign.

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content audit


Schema audit and implementation

Schema (aka structured data) helps search engines to understand what’s your pages and how to read them. We will deliver a file with all the necessary schema markups for your website. We will also add the code to your pages (via Google Tag Manager) with your direction to do so.

schema audit


Content strategy

We will make recommendations for new (bottom of the funnel) landing pages to build on your website. The keyword gap analysis turned up opportunities for more sales based pages – we will build out the UX, keywords and on page recommendations.

content strategy


Content topic ideation

The keyword gap analysis and content audit provide us with the building blocks to come up with topics to create content on your site. We will build a list of topics, keywords, competition and detailed notes on the exact pages to build. We will also build out a content calendar to manage content publishing each month.

content topic ideation


Content creation & management

We will be building 2 outlines and 2 drafts per month from here on out. We will also be using our graphics team to create custom graphics, images, gifs and multimedia for each post.

content management


Final progress report

A look at progress over the life of your campaign. We will look at keyword rankings, organic traffic, organic leads / sales, tasks completed and recommended next steps for your campaign.Monthly report Summary of organic traffic, tasks completed, tasks upcoming, links and content build that month.



“The Bank”

These are the deliverables we perform on an as needed basis or longer agreements with certain clients. We simply add more hours to an agreement and adjust the project plan as needed to get them done.


Google Analytics audit

A look at the configuration and setup of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts (if applicable). We will make recommendations to improve the overall tracking and performance of your data analytics.


Content promotion

Manual promotion of recent content on Quora, Reddit and relevant industry forums and blog (comments). We use the same writer who writes your blog posts to do the promotions. If you do not have accounts on these platforms, we will create and manage them for you.


Page speed analysis

We will build a report looking at your key (target) pages load time and speed performance. We will build out best practice recommendations for how a developer can clean up the errors and improve overall site speed.


Influencer campaign strategy

Influencers are a large part of having success online today. We will put together a strategy that details how you can take advantage of using influencers on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.


Influencer campaign prospecting & outreach

We will be finding, vetting, contacting and negotiating with influencers on Instagram. We will present you a list of influencers for you to approve contact – after, we will negotiate pricing for placements on their accounts.


Social media ad strategy

Social media offers a unique opportunity to reach targeted audiences at a low cost. We will put together an advertising strategy to help your content achieve more reach as well as drive more revenue through your website using a “funnel” model.


Content generation (video)

Video is a key part in building a profitable social media advertising campaign. We will build out a list of video topics to create to be used in support of your content marketing and advertising campaigns.


YouTube strategy

YouTube offers a powerful opportunity to capture more “organic” traffic (through video views). We will build out a detailed strategy for how you can attack YouTube and have success on the platform.


Email marketing strategy

Email is a forgotten medium that is often over looked. We will build out an email marketing strategy to help you convert more email addresses into revenue. This includes a number of automation sequences to setup in your email provider.


Citations audit, building and cleanup

For local SEO campaigns we need to optimize your “citations”. We do so by performing an audit of the existing citations online, performing manual updates / cleanups and finding new platforms to add your business to.


GMB audit and corrections

Google My Business is an integral part of ranking in local Google searches. Our team will audit (or setup) your profile to ensure peak visibility in local searches.


“Blended” search analysis

If you’re running a lot of paid search traffic, your data holds valuable keyword insights we can leverage to improve your organic campaign. We’ve built a proprietary tool that combines data from AdWords and Google Search Console to tell us where there’s keyword overlaps and room for improvement.



Whew – that was exhausting.

Did I miss any? Leave a note in the comments.

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Comments ( 62 )

  • Stephanie Jones Says
    4 years ago

    I like, literally, cannot begin to tell you how awesome this is. This is a HUGE help for our agency right now, we’ve been stuck trying to figure out more stuff to do for a client. Thank you!

  • Ryan Stewart Says
    4 years ago

    You are so welcome Stephanie!

  • Roger R Says
    4 years ago

    It looks like there’s a few things missing – just off the top of my head things like an internal link analysis. Do you guys NOT do this?

  • Ryan Stewart Says
    4 years ago

    Hey Roger,

    We absolutely do – things like an internal link analysis are bunched into the technical SEO audit. When we find a client has a ton of issues (while going through the technical audit), we will usually break that out into a separate deliverable (if the retainer covers it – if not, we will rescope to add it in).

  • Jon Waterford Says
    4 years ago

    I don’t know how you give away this much info and still have a business that makes money. The community supports you man, thank you!

  • Ryan Stewart Says
    4 years ago


  • Neeraj Sharma Says
    4 years ago

    this is quite amazing. i am doing and implementing seo strategy for hostnetindia.com. I have read one more article like on iwanablogger where same article has been published.
    after all this article provide me valuable things in right manner. but often, many other article offers only theoretical content they are no longer in practical point of view.

    Things always changes in seo in every year but basic foundation never change as i am working as seo analyst since 2012.

    Thanks blogger your writing easy to understand.

  • Elmer Says
    2 years ago

    Hi Ryan, I really like your blog post. Just wondering if you have extra files for me to download this checklist? I like to establish my own checklist but I don’t know where to start.


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