4 Ways to Get More Reviews For Your Law Firm

Reviews are crucial for law firms as they build trust, enhance credibility, attract clients, and provide valuable feedback for improvement. This post shows you how to get more positive reviews for your firm.

By Ryan Stewart | on Feb 14, 2024


You’re here because you know the importance of getting online reviews for your law firm.

Positive reviews – particularly Google Business Profile reviews – are a big piece of building a lead generation campaign that generates results.

Not only do they provide huge credibility markers. They also majorly boost local SEO rankings to drive calls and conversions from related searches.

Reviews are truly make-or-break for today’s law firms fighting waves of competition on tight budgets.

So how exactly do you start racking up more 5 star raves? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • Key reasons online reviews are indispensable
  • Top review platforms lawyers should focus attention
  • Critical optimizations to seamlessly request and manage reviews
  • 4 proven review generation strategies for law firms

Let’s dive in…


Why Google Reviews Are Essential For Law Firms

Consumer trust in online commentary has never been higher. 97% now reference reviews the same as personal recommendations when evaluating brands, companies, products, and professional service providers.

So cultivating an impressive library of 4 and 5-star reviews is mandatory for attracting new legal clients in today’s skeptical marketplace.

Especially considering the average person will examine anywhere from 5 to 50 reviews before contacting your firm!

local reviews matter

If you see these two listings next to each other, which one would you click on?

But if online commentary holds so much sway with prospects, why emphasize Google specifically versus sites like Yelp or Avvo?

Simple – visibility and local search domination.


Reviews Directly Influence Local SEO Rankings

Google Business Profile reviews factor hugely into local pack rankings. And 40%+ of mobile searches have local intent baked in.

So when potential clients hunt for legal guidance in your metro area via searches like:

Appearing prominently on page one alongside the map gives your site much higher odds of earning that critical first click.

local maps pack for law firms

Without strong positive Google reviews fueling high local pack visibility, you risk getting buried under competitors fighting for territory on high-value searches.

And even one piece of negative feedback can prove costly, causing noticeable drops if you fail to counteract it.


Reviews Lend Credibility to Stand Out

Google review velocity and scores directly feed your local pack rankings. But reviews also provide enormous indirect SEO benefits.

Most notably?

Boosting domain authority and site-wide credibility in Google’s eyes.

Signals like positive sentiment, length of praise, and quantity of feedback across the web reflect overall consumer trust in your brand.

Google wants to satisfy searchers with consistently helpful results. So if you’ve garnered public kudos for providing amazing legal guidance, expect preference in ranking algorithms.

Compare it to resume building.

Gradating top of your class from a respected university looks impressive. But complementing the credentials with abundant recommendations from past employers and colleagues takes it to another level!

Reviews act as those professional endorsements and references rolled into one.

Ultimately, crafting a vibrant community of fans evangelizing your law firm’s merits pays dividends acquiring clients both online AND offline.

Word-of-mouth referrals remain hugely impactful despite tech’s influence. Doubling down on review generation makes sure you tap into both networks.

Now let’s examine specifically where lawyers should focus review cultivation efforts today…


Top Review Sites For Lawyers

In today’s fractured web with endless platforms begging for your attention, properly prioritizing review management efforts is crucial.

Aim spread too thin leaves you nowhere.

The top mainstream sites legal teams should focus on include:

  • Google Business Profile – For visibility and SEO rankings
  • Avvo – Active legal community hub
  • Yelp – General local site with high traffic
  • FindLaw – Popular legal service directory
  • Justia – Large law database

However, none can match Google’s visibility and review algorithm weight.

So while maintaining a presence across reputable directories remains wise–funneling the bulk of outputs toward cultivating five star Google reviews generates the biggest returns.

With that priority clear, let’s address how to optimize your Google Business Profile to seamlessly get more reviews…


Setting The Table To Get More Google Reviews

Managing and scaling Google reviews gets far easier by:

  • Generating a shareable direct review link
  • Replying to all Google feedback

Let’s knock out those fundamentals before proceeding to the creative review getting tactics.


Get Your Unique Review URL

Instead of vaguely directing people “find my Google business and leave a review”, simplify the process for them with a unique URL leading straight there.

To access your review link:

  1. Search for your business on Google. Make sure you’re signed in to the Google account associated with your Google Business Profile.
  2. Locate and click “Ask for reviews” button. This will display a pop-up with your unique review URL.
  3. Copy the URL and share it with your customers! You can paste it into emails, texts, social media posts, or anywhere you want to encourage reviews.
get reviews for lawyers

Now reviewers hit your page with one tap to immediately leave thoughts rather than fumbling to locate your profile. Such micro-conversion frictions deter plenty from following through even when perfectly happy giving kudos!

Bottom line – don’t count on people hunting down your page and figuring it out themselves. Spoon feed them the direct path.


Respond To All Google Reviews

Replying to Google reviews might feel mundane but provides immense upside:

  1. Demonstrates you actively engage with customers
  2. Allows pleading your case if anyone leaves unfair criticism
  3. Opens communication channels requesting removal if truly unwarranted
  4. Buries detrimental remarks under follow-on positivity

Think of responses as free chances to alter negative perceptions or showcase your commitment to making amends after service shortcomings.

respond to reviews

And remember, bad reviews rarely get removed otherwise since Google support offers little help. Save yourself fruitless appeals by directly addressing unhappy reviewers publicly or privately to turn perspectives around.

Or at minimum provide counterarguments sharing your side if reasonable disputes arose despite best intentions.

Online commentary gives everyone voices easily misused. Don’t let isolated feedback distortions define your brand without at least attempting to reconcile differences airing the full story.

Alright, with those Google Business Profile fundamentals reinforced, let’s get to the actionable review getting techniques for lawyers!


4 Proven Ways For Lawyers To Get More Reviews

Generating reviews requires playing both offense and defense.

Offense means actively requesting and incentivizing positive praise. Defense means minimizing extremists slamming you without cause by addressing issues promptly.

Combine both approaches by:

  1. Contacting past customers
  2. Asking your network
  3. Incentivizing employees
  4. Automating requests

Now let’s explore each angle to determine the right activities based on your resources and capabilities…


1. Contacting Satisfied Former Clients

Past customers offer the holy grail for reviews since they directly experienced your services.

So compile a list of favorites who you helped achieve positive outcomes over the years. Gather their:

  • Full names
  • Contact info
  • Brief case details

Then personally reach out to request feedback reflecting their time engaging your firm.

But don’t just email and cross fingers they oblige. Phone and text outreach garners much higher response rates.

Hearing your voice or getting a personalized mobile message makes the ask harder to ignore. And the casual mediums often feel less intrusive re-establishing contact after case closures.

So don’t hesitate picking up the phone to speak or sending SMS messages if you haven’t talked in awhile. These channels can yield great results.


Strike while iron is hot by collecting details before former clients depart then reviewing periodically for follow-up. Don’t let their memories of your positive collaboration fade! Also, you do not have to wait until after they have become a client. Why not ask someone who just signed up during your onboarding process?


What To Say When Requesting Reviews

So what verbiage works when asking former clients for reviews?

The key is to speak conversationally, candidly, and with authentic appreciation for their past chance to assist them.

Most will happily spend 5 minutes leaving positive feedback if they recall even moderately pleasant aligning with your firm.

law firm review template script

A solid script might sound like:


“Hi Steve, it’s John Smith calling from Smith & Associates. I appreciated getting to work with you on [insert case details] earlier this year and hoped you’re still doing well.

I’m reaching out because we’re making some big investments to expand our practice this year. But it’s tricky standing out from all the competition flooding the area nowadays.

Since you had a good experience collaborating with us, do you have 2 minutes to visit a link I’ll text you and leave an honest Google review? Any kind words would go incredibly far helping us help more great clients like yourself moving forward.”

Come across as a small legal team striving to support more people in need against encroaching conglomerate firms. Frame it as an opportunity to ‘pay-it-forward’ assisting the little guy.

Just stay far away from fake praise buying services promising reviews from “real” consumers. Stick to sincerely and directly requesting help from those with authentic experiences working with your attorneys.


2. Ask Family, Friends & Colleagues Too

While past customers provide the most credible review fodder, also consider reaching out to your inner circle such as:

  • Family members
  • Close friends
  • Former colleagues & classmates
  • Within reason, second degree connections could work too e.g. friends of friends

These people can’t detail specialized legal interactions. But their insider perspectives on your core values and operating principles still offer social proof during prospect vetting stages.

And their wider networks help increase overall review volume faster to impress visiting searchers.

So coach them to emphasize non-service traits like:

  • Your work ethic in general
  • Passion for the legal profession
  • Commitment to helping the local community
  • Stellar principles and integrity

Such character endorsements mesh perfectly with cases details from past clients to reinforce your firm’s well rounded excellence.

And don’t feel awkward asking them for the favor. They genuinely want to support your budding practice especially with something simple like leaving an honest Google Review.

Throw them a little praise for their own ventures in return to sweeten the value exchange.


Don’t leave self-serving reviews pointing back to you. Be transparent having others post on your behalf instead to avoid deceptive flags.


3. Incentivize Staffers To Contribute Reviews

For larger firms with extensive teams, consider incentivizing employees to contribute Google reviews also.


Well unlike you or your partners who should refrain from self-reviewing for credibility reasons…

  • Your staffers face no ethical dilemmas leaving positive feedback reflecting their employer experiences
  • Their wider personal networks allow rapidly multiplying review volumes
  • Compensation through perks and rewards helps lighten load when requesting reviews

We’ve devised internal contests for clients awarding monthly bonuses and prizes to the employee generating the most Google reviews.

Imagine the influx created if 20 or 50 staff members suddenly start pursuing reviews from their circles!

Possible incentives include:

  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Theater or sporting event tickets
  • Extra paid days off
  • Office award recognitions
  • Monthly bonuses

Creativity reigns supreme here to incite interest. Approach it as an entertaining opportunity for employees to compete supporting their workplace instead of feeling like a chore.

Set the tone around fun and friendly URL sharing rather than strong-arming demands.


4. Automate Follow-Up Review Requests

Manual review requests prove taxing over time across widening customer pools.

This makes automating follow-ups later in client lifecycles essential, especially for speedily growing practices.

But you can only systemize outreach if properly leveraging platforms like CRMs centralizing case data.

So if relying on spreadsheets or folders to track clients, it’s time to transition to streamlined automation with the right sales technology stack.

Here’s how modern legal case management flows allowing review automation:

  1. Inquiry received
  2. Consultation & follow-up
  3. Contract signed
  4. Case resolved
  5. (2 months later) Review automation trigger goes off

This gives time for their appreciation of your support sinking in.

review automation sequence

Then automatic email and text sequences remind them of the progress achieved together while requesting Google reviews.

For example:

  1. An initial email re-expressing gratitude for allowing your team to assist them
  2. A follow-up text message with the direct Google review link
  3. Potentially another email in 2 more weeks if they haven’t posted feedback

See how this eases manually repeating review solicitation to every past customer? Now you generate most with minimal effort through scheduled CRM messaging.


Additional Review Generation Tips

We’ve covered quite a bit so let’s recap key lessons before wrapping up:


Reviews Must Feel Authentic

Resist all temptations buying fake reviews. It often backfires getting caught by algorithms removing the bogus praise.

While authentic reviews demand more effort creating initially, they serve you far better over the long haul.

Positive Google reviews should come from:

  • Genuinely satisfied past client interactions
  • Supportive friends, family, and colleagues leaving real secondary praise


Respond Publicly To All Google Feedback


Replying to reviews provides free opportunities remodeling negative perceptions.

Use responses to investigate unhappy reviewers’ underlying issues. Then resolve discrepancies amicably together if possible through transparent communication.

Left unaddressed, unfair criticism festers deterring new clients. So nip naysayers in the bud through compassionate outreach mending fences.


Automate Review Requests With CRMs

Transitioning to streamlined customer relationship management technology allows sustaining review generation efforts over time.

You graduate from manual scrambling to technology automating review asks at optimal intervals. This lets you focus time on delivering for the clients you have vs. constantly playing catch up begging for reviews.


Create Review Velocity

While accruing some Google reviews helps, consistent recent positivitity really impresses Google’s local algorithms.

So don’t rest on initial review laurels. Sustain efforts via the strategies above to keep showcasing ongoing value serving community legal needs.


Law Firm Review FAQs

How should I monitor and manage incoming reviews?

There are plenty of software options that can help you with this. At our company, we always set up our clients on BrightLocal. But if you’re looking for a free option, the GBP platform is good enough.

What if clients don’t want their name publicly on a review?

No problem! In sensitive legal areas, clients may want anonymity. Ask associates or family/friends to post in their place instead as general endorsements. Character reviews without names still provide social proof.

Is it ok to pay for fake 5-star reviews?

Absolutely not. Fake or purchased reviews violate platform guidelines and often get removed automatically. Authenticity is crucial for both compliance and sustaining positive momentum long-term. Focus on earning reviews through good services instead!

If you need any help modernizing internal systems or executing digital marketing campaigns, let’s chat!

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