20 Ways to Use Email to Automate Your Business

We’ve received almost 3,000 contact or consultation requests over the last year. Up until a few months ago, managing this was a nightmare.   As a small business,

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The Link Builder’s Guide to Landing “Link Roundups”

Yesterday, I was briefing a client on the link outreach strategy we built for them. When covering the different link types we’d be targeting, the client stopped m

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How to Use Twitter to Execute a Blogger Outreach Campaign

Generally, we use search engine operators to find blogger outreach opportunities. However, the internet is a big place – Google/Yahoo/Bing only index a very sma

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How to Determine the ROI of a PPC Campaign [FREE Template]

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I’m really feeling the love today. I’m going to give you the exact data modeling template I use to determine the return

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5 Tactics I Used to Build My Digital Agency (Gotch SEO)

This guest post was written by Nathan Gotch, founder and owner of Gotch SEO. Trying to start your own SEO agency or consultancy? Read on. In article, I’m going to sho

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The #1 Way (Seriously) to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

There’s a million places to find freelance writers – but it’s really great ones. I’m not talking about good ones, I mean “holy shit that was

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5 Bad A$$ Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

Whew, almost 2 months since my last link tip. This week's tip is a powerhouse white house guest post opportunity.

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Ultimate List of Free SEO Analysis Tools

SEO is expensive as sh!t nowadays, isn’t it? I’m not talking about the cost to hire a good SEO agency, I’m talking about the internal costs to perform t

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Advanced Social Media Analytics: Driving Traffic With Data

To be honest, I don’t really know too much about social media. I don’t even have accounts on most of the major networks. I’m able to get these results by simply pay

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Steal Our High Converting SEO Proposal

UPDATED: 01.10.2017 Are you struggling to close leads? There’s a good chance your proposals are failing you. In this post, I’ll cover: Improving proposal acceptan

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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Broken Link Building

I’m trying to master white hat link building – one tactic at a time. Last month it was landing online press, this month it’s broken link building. I wa

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Link Tip (#8): How to Build Proper Anchor Text Ratios

I just parted ways with a client over anchor text. They hired us to build white hat links – guest blogging, outreach, broken link building, etc. After I landed a f

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