6 Shocking Law Firm Marketing Statistics

By Ryan Stewart | on May 1, 2024


In the competitive world of law firm marketing, understanding the nuances of consumer behavior and effective strategies is paramount.

Drawing from a decade of experience and access to extensive data, we’ve compiled eight eye-opening statistics that shed light on crucial aspects of marketing and customer acquisition for law firms.

Let’s delve into these statistics and explore their implications.


1. “Prospects are aware that there are numerous law firms to choose from, but recall of specific names is low”

Despite the plethora of law firms, consumers struggle to remember specific names. This highlights the challenge of building brand recognition, especially through traditional mediums like billboards. Investing in billboards for top-of-mind awareness might not yield significant returns due to low recall rates.


2. “Respondents from a private survey couldn’t recall the names of the firms they worked with”

The survey went on to detail that the clients could recall the name of the lawyer, but not the law firm. This means that in the legal space, brand is built through servicing clients at a personal level, not through mass marketing and advertising.

Save your money on the billboard ads, while people might “see” them they don’t SEE them. Out of home placements are expensive and have incredibly low recall rates. They should only be exploited after the juice is squeezed from the internet.


3. “The lower half of income quartiles account for between 63 percent and 81 percent of the most common legal problems”

Most law firms choose to have their offices in expensive downtown locations, when in reality, that’s not where their clients are. Law firms should consider the demographics of their target clients when choosing office locations. Having offices in areas with a higher concentration of potential clients can significantly impact client acquisition, especially concerning local SEO and referrals.

how income effects the legal industry


4. “Google is predominantly used to find law firms, with prospects choosing firms from the top search results”

Being visible on Google is critical for law firms. Whether through ads or organic listings, securing a top spot ensures maximum visibility and client acquisition. Neglecting SEO strategies tailored to Google’s algorithms can hinder a firm’s online presence.

seo for lawyers


5. “Most prospects are unaware whether they found a law firm through an ad or organic listing”

The distinction between paid and organic search results is becoming increasingly irrelevant to consumers. Focusing solely on paid advertising or organic SEO might not suffice. A holistic approach to online visibility is necessary for success.


6. “Only 8% of law firms invest in creating video content for marketing purposes”

Video marketing presents a significant opportunity for law firms to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. With most firms neglecting this strategy, those who embrace video content stand to gain a competitive edge and better engage with potential clients.


In the dynamic landscape of law firm marketing, understanding and adapting to consumer behavior trends are vital for success. These statistics underscore the importance of strategic decisions regarding brand recognition, office locations, online visibility, and content creation. Embracing innovative approaches, such as video marketing, can set law firms apart and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment.

By leveraging these insights, law firms can navigate the challenges of modern marketing and position themselves for long-term success in the digital age.

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