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  • Client: Gumprecht Law Firm
  • Website:
  • Industry: Personal Injury Law Firm


Gumprecht Law Firm is a leading personal injury law firm serving clients in Atlanta and Kennesaw, GA. Specializing in car accidents and injury law, they sought to enhance their online presence, improve organic search rankings, and increase inbound phone calls.

Objectives and Challenges

Gumprecht Law Firm aimed to boost their visibility on Google search results organically and drive more qualified leads through phone calls. Their previous experiences with marketing agencies resulted in disappointment, with promises unmet and resources wasted.

Services Provided

Our agency provided comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to Gumprecht Law Firm’s needs:

  • Local SEO and SEO optimization to enhance organic search rankings.
  • Management of local service ads and PPC ads targeting multiple locations (Atlanta and Kennesaw).
  • Strategic targeting of lower volume keywords in PPC campaigns to optimize costs.
  • Content creation for website practice area pages and correction of website architecture for improved user experience.

personal injury law firm case studyThis screenshot is showing the client’s monthly website impressions in Google search.


Implementation Process

We initiated a multifaceted approach to address Gumprecht Law Firm’s challenges:

  • Generated authentic reviews for each location to build trust and credibility.
  • Optimized Google Business profiles to increase visibility in local search results.
  • Secured local press links to boost domain authority and online presence.
  • Created targeted PPC campaigns to drive immediate conversions for keywords with low organic rankings.

personal injury law firm case studyThis screenshot is showing the growth in monthly organic traffic.


Results and Outcomes

Our efforts produced remarkable results for Gumprecht Law Firm:

  • Achieved a staggering 328% increase in inbound phone calls year over year for Kennesaw and 853% for Atlanta.
  • Generated an impressive 894% increase in organic traffic and keyword rankings, reflecting enhanced visibility and credibility in Google search results.

These screenshots are showing the monthly leads generation from Google’s local search results.


Work With WEBRIS

Through a collaborative partnership with our agency, Gumprecht Law Firm experienced exponential growth in online visibility, lead generation, and overall business success. Our tailored digital marketing solutions not only exceeded expectations but also provided a solid foundation for sustained growth in the competitive legal industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I expect these type of results?

    Every campaign is different and requires customization to meet your needs. Not every campaign will end up with these same results. However, every law firm we work with grows in some capacity, it just depends on the starting point to determine exactly how much.

  • How much did this campaign cost?

    This campaign is $6,000/mo for our services retainer.

  • Do these results last?

    Yes, in fact they grow over time. The data we're showing is from a single month, compared to the previous year.


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