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The Client

Iron and Soul is a CrossFit gym located in South Florida. By utilizing a mix of offline techniques they had successfully launched, built and sustained a CrossFit gym with 120 active monthly memberships in arguably the most competitive CrossFit market in the country.

The Problem

After having success offline, they pushed into the online aspect of marketing: social media, Facebook ads, Google Ads and search engine optimization. After 6 months of little to no success they came to us with one goal: bring them to 200 active monthly memberships.

The Approach

The first thing we did was take a look at what they were currently doing for online marketing and drill down into what was working and what wasn’t. They were utilizing a number Facebook Ads and Google Ads with little to no success.

They weren’t generating a lot of clicks and had rendered 0 conversions.

keyword research

While we were in the analyzing their Google Ads performance we took at look at the demand, or search volume. We found that ‘CrossFit Plantation’ (and related queries) was being searched for almost 1,200 times each month. Based on search volume alone, we decided to utilize SEO as our primary means of marketing.

Worked on Getting Them Ranked in the Maps

You know those listings that show up in Google for local searches (”Big 3”)?

This is where every local business aspires to be - it’s prime real estate!

In today’s local algorithm (Pidgeon), getting ranked here is a different process than traditional organic listings.

To attack the local SERPs we went to work with a number of local strategies: correctly filling out a Google Business listing, optimizing the profile, getting listed in local directories, social media optimization local blogger outreach, and more.

local seo

Connected With Relevant Bloggers

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Getting high quality links are one of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign, but also the most difficult.

As a small business, natural inbound links are extremely difficult to acquire. The only way to get link sthe right way is through quality content that attracts the attention of like minded websites.

We put together a content marketing plan that involved blogger outreach and guest posting. Using this strategy we were able to land dozens of high quality, niche relevant backlinks that helped propel rankings within a matter of weeks.

blogger outreach

Re-Optimized the Website for Conversions

Our initial discovery phases we dug into their web analytics and found their conversion rate (visits / form submissions + phone calls) was abnormally low (.01% of traffic).

We gave the website a thorough evaluation using heat maps to figure out the bottle necks in the conversional funnel.

By conducting a series of A/B split tests we found that users weren’t readily able to find what they were looking for. Instead of consuming the content and submitting their info, they consumed the content and exited the website.

We fixed this problem by adding a series of readily accessible web forms with clear call to actions. Within 3 weeks the website’s conversion rate went from .01% to 6.5%.

conversion optimization

Find out how to increase traffic, leads and sales.

Enter your website URL and email & we’ll send you a 100% risk free audit report telling you everything holding your website back from more traffic.

The Results


Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in website conversions.

5 times

As many leads generated.

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