📘 We wrote a best seller!

📘 We wrote a best seller!




Video training series detailing how we took a client from 3k to 100k organic visits in 8 months.


Turn Your YouTube Channel Into a Growth Machine

Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

I’m going to hand over the process we’ve been using to kill it on YouTube.

This process taps into 3 key aspects of getting more views on YouTube videos:

  • Getting more views from Google Search
  • Getting more views from YouTube Search
  • Getting more views from YouTube suggested videos (“Up Next”)

Please watch the video above or the accordions below to dive deeper into this process.

Tools Mentioned in Video

Video Summary

  • Blogging is getting saturated – video is a way to break through the noise and get attention.
  • YouTube is 2nd most used search engine in the world AND you can build a subscriber base that gets push notifications when you publish videos.
  • There’s a HUGE traffic potential (and it’s recurring, evergreen).
  • We generate almost all of our leads from YouTube (and Facebook) videos.
  • Our eCommerce store gets sales from the YouTube videos.
  • YouTube is a HIGH authority property, meaning you can get videos to rank easily is Google search. You can use that to highlight good reviews or bury bad ones.
  • A lot of people think “video views” is a fluff KPI…It’s NOT. It’s insanely cheap, targeted TV advertising.
  • DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to get your brand / face in front of millions of engaged, TARGETED people.
  • YouTube can attack multiple parts of your marketing funnel.
  • When done properly, you can jam videos down every part of your funnel.
  • Get big boy equipment – camera, microphone, screencasting. The quality of your videos is important
  • Invest in graphics or video editing – I hired a freelancer for $5/hour, he’s awesome
  • Keep it to the point! Your videos should be as long as they need to be
  • Have a plan!!! Understand how query types trigger video heavy results (how to, reviews, etc)
  • Don’t sell – put value out there through your best tips


YouTube Funnel 2

Funnel model for how we manage WEBRIS.

YouTube Funnel 3

Funnel model for how we manage Laces Out.

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  • Andrew Says

    Great post as always.

    Do a lot of these suggestions apply for Facebook video as well?

    • Thanks Andrew.

      Good question – they DON’T. Facebook video is completely different, mainly in the video content you publish there. Anything over 3 minutes is going to lose the attention of your audience on FB – it needs to be shorter, more high level. I plan on building another resource in the future about how we use BOTH Facebook and YouTube video, because that’s really where you can kill it.

  • Pam Says

    Would you suggest putting your blogs into short videos? Also what software is best for editing videos (for PC)

  • Pam Says

    Would you suggest putting your blogs into short videos? Also what software is best for editing videos (for PC)

    • using your blog posts is a great way to get started – i use imovie (mac user) but camtasia is good for PC

  • Victor crispin Says

    Amazing post, came over from your Twitter 🙂 and saw this. Put another webinar on pause. Got hooked, stayed hooked. Watched full thing, matter of fact thank you so much. I just recently started my Companies YouTube channel posted my first video and will make sure to revamp and apply your tips ! Thanks.

  • Ty Says

    great video. Speaking directly to someone who is at the beginning stages of building their seo agency brand, what would you recommend as the first step? In other words, how do you go about planning content and figuring out the best place to get started? I realize this is probably a much bigger question than probably answering on this platform. Thanks!

    • create content around what YOU find valuable. try not to look at what other people are doing, you’ll just enter an already saturated market. the BEST content to create in the marketing space is case study / data driven content. what success have you had with your efforts? can you share that? can you give us the exact process you followed to have success? do this, and you’ll have success, i promise

  • Robert Kirk Says

    Hey Ryan, a great video, really enjoyed it. Keep this kind of content coming. I agree with you on the topic of blog posts vs video, the amount time now I just skim over a blog post and not read the full thing, but with video, if its topic you want to learn more with, so much easier to watch and listen than read paragraph after paragraph.

  • Martin Medina Says

    Hey Ryan, great video just wanted to point out one thing you missed when covering video ranking. I’m a YouTube certified creator with an Audience Growth certification so when taking the course I learned a lot of these tips and tricks. One thing you overlooked that was repeated time and time again by the YouTube team is the importance of video watch time. This is the biggest factor to YouTube’s video ranking algorithm and you can read more about its importance here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/141805?hl=en. There are a few more things too but just wanted to share that with everybody.

  • Preston Says

    This is great stuff Ryan!

    I notice all of these strategies are free. Do you have suggestions for someone like myself who has a $500/month budget to put towards my youtube channel?

    What paid strategies would you implement for growing a Youtube channel?

    • youtube ads are good, but i find theyre just really expensive when compared with FB. for that reason, i push all my ad budget into FB and use youtube as an organic only channel

  • Ryan you are becoming more and more of a role model to me I always watch your videos and take precious notes. I was losing faith in my marketing plan as I hope to one day open my own agency, but you have taught me to keep fighting for what you believe in. I work full time and I goto school full time (19 years young). Honestly I love it though keeps me in line. Also, your videos prove to me that there is a right way to do things and how to do it best. Once I save up enough money I will definitely be signing up for you course. Even though lately I have been learning that I need to pace my self and that everything will come together, but its hard when everything is coming at you so quickly and you have to learn how to say no especially when moneys involved. See you on Monday hopefully we can talk. Thanks and Keep it up!!

    • thanks for taking the time to write that evan, much appreciated – best of luck, you’re young you have plenty of time!

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