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White Hat Link Building Campaigns

Links are still a powerful ranking factor in SEO. However, acquiring the wrong links could lead to a Google Penalty. We provide white hat links based on outreach campaigns that are tailored to your business, to ensure you are earning the right links.

Link building strategy

Before we begin the outreach process, your dedicated link building consultant creates an acquisition strategy. This strategy includes a competitive audit, existing link audit and details of the outreach tactics we will use to secure links.

Scraping the web for opportunities

The link building strategy dictates the type of links we will acquire, and the types of sites they will be on. We've built a proprietary prospecting tool that allows us to use advanced search engines operators to prospect for link opportunities.

Personalized email pitches

Getting featured on the top sites isn't overly complicated - you need to come with the right value proposition. We write dozens of different pitches, depending on niche. Sometimes it's a guest post, sometimes it's a resource page, sometimes it's a blogger - whatever is needed.

Ongoing project updates

Every month you receive a full report with all links acquired throughout the life of the campaign. Not only will you see the links so you can review for yourself, but we also include quality metrics like Domain Rating, traffic estimates and anchor text.

  • “"I can attest to the work done by WEBRIS - white hat, on-time and with great communication"”

    Obi Green,

Examples of Links From Campaigns

  • URL
  • Niche
  • DR
  • LINK
  • Health
  • 81
  • VIEW
  • Parenting
  • 73
  • VIEW
  • Marketing
  • 76
  • VIEW
  • Business
  • 89
  • VIEW

Why Use Our Link Building Services?

Because we consistently deliver on what we promise our clients - it's really that simple. Here's a few more reasons...

The gold standard for agency outreach

In 2015 we launched a link building training for marketing professionals and agencies. It went into great detail about how to perform "white hat outreach" at scale, while maintaining quality. We've sold over 5,000 since it's inception - it's widely known as the gold standard process for outreach in the industry to this day (look it up).

We build our own tools

In order to keep up with the link needs of so many clients, we needed a toolset that scaled with our process. We built a series of project management solutions custom in the Google Suite for improved communications and reporting. We also developed a scraper that allows us to prospect for thousands of relevant opportunities with a few button clicks.

You won't find a better reviewed agency...anywhere

Our link building processes have been featured on Moz, Search Engine Journal and Ahrefs (to name a few). If you take a moment to search Google for "WEBRIS reviews", you'll notice hundreds of our clients and colleagues have chimed in to support the work we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

We charge a monthly retainer to build you a strategy, perform ongoing prospecting and ongoing email outreach and management. There is also an expense cost tacked on to each link delivered - this expense can come from things like content writing (for a guest post) or a sponsorship payment (to a blogger). These expenses are presented to you and approved before we execute - all costs are billed directly to you.

What type links do you get?

It depends on the needs of your website and the industry you operate in. If you are in B2B SaaS or national lead generation (i.e. rehab centers), we tend to land a lot of guest posts, as those are the best opportunities available in those niches. If you are a ecommerce site that sells perfume, we tend to land a lot of blogger posts.

How many links do you get each month?

The number of links acquired depends on our retainer structure. The more hours allocated to your retainer, the more links we will acquire each month. Some clients pay us for as little as 5 links per month, others for as much as 50.

Do you ever pay for links?

We do NOT pay for links directly - we never exchange emails saying "we will pay for links on your site". However, there are a number of times where payment may be required for things like content or a sponsorship fee for a blogger. We present these opportunities to you and give you our guidance on which we feel are the best suited for your website.

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